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Lędziny are located in the center of Silesian voivodeship, At a certain distance from urbanized Górnośląski Industrial District. The center of the town is indicated by the geographic coordinates: 19s 07' eastern longitude and 50 s 08' northern latitude. The municipality neighbours in the North with Katowice and Mysłowice, in the East with Imielin and Chełm Śląski, in the South with Bieruń, in the West with Tychy.


The area of Lędziny is included in two physical-geographical units. North-western and northern parts of the town, including the districts: Hołdunów, Zamoście, Ratusz, Centrum, Blych amd Smardzowice are located on the borderland of Wyżyna Śląska. South-eastern part with districts: Rachowy, Goławiec and Górki constitute the part of Oświęcimska Basin.


Through the area of the municipality runs the railroad from Tychy to Mysłowice. Through the northern end of the town dual carriageway no 1 is running, enabling fast connection in the directions: Bielsko-Biała - Cieszyn and Kraków - Warszawa - Gdańsk. Moreover, there are convenient road connections with the rest of the towns of Silesian agglomeration - mainly with Katowice, Tychy and Mysłowice. Investment connected with construction of new section of dual carriage way S-1, which will lead from the interchange situated at the entrance to the Lędziny town, running in southern direction is planned along ul. Podmiejska through Goławiec and Górki to Bielsko-Biała.

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